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Davide was born in Alessandria, Italy. Since early childhood he’s been dedicating himself to drawing.After attending the Art Institute, he graduated at the Academy of  Fine Arts in Genoa, Italy.

Passionate about illustrations and demential caricatures, he coupled vignettes language with painting, producing hibryd works.

His works interacts with the sorrounding environment, communicating with each other just like the sequential language of comics strips.

Self ironic above everything else; without taking himself too seriously, he plays with the graphic sign and the painting gestures; irreverent, with sharp irony, his topics ranges from actuality to social issues, exorcising social ills based on prejudices, clichès and stereotypes.

He’s in love with the music world as well as the arts. He produces caricatures for friends as well as musicians and other artists.

He operates mostly around Genoa, Turin,  Milan, Florence, Paris and other cities.


  • 2019-2020 – Painting  Teacher at Artistic High School “Liceo Arcangeli”, Bologna (Italy).
  • 2018 – Exhibition and workshop of humoristic drawings at Galleri Jaktpaviljongen, Malmö (Sweden).
  • 2018 – Workshop of humoristic drawings at Garaget, Malmö (Sweden).
  • 2018 -Drawing at Mido fair, in the Nathalie Blanc stand, Milan (Italy).
  • 2018 – Drawing  for event agency in public places, Turin, Genoa (Italy).
  • 2017 – Drawing at Silmo fair, in the stand of Nathalie Blanc, Paris (France).
  • 2017 – Drawing at Mido fair, in the Nathalie Blanc stand, Milan (Italy).
  • 2016/’17 – Drawing for event agencies in public places, Turin, Genoa (Italy).
  • 2015 – Exhibition “Microstorie di Cibo” at Opera Cardinal Ferrari, Milan (Italy).
  • 2014/’15 – Exhibition at AccorsiArte Gallery, Turin (Italy).
  • 2014 – Group exhibition at AccorsiArte Gallery, Turin (Italy).
  • 2013/’14  – Painting Teacher at Artistic High School “Liceo Parodi”, Acqui Terme (Italy).
  • 2013 – Group exhibition at inauguration in the new headquarters of the AccorsiArte Gallery, Turin (Italy).
  • 2012 – Creative Workshop for 10th Anniversary of the Pinacoteca Agnelli, Turin (Italy).
  • 2012 – Video exhibition for the contest “Les couleurs de l’ame” at Magdalena Ville, Nice (France).
  • 2012 – Group exhibition at inauguration of the new gallery space AccorsiArte, Turin (Italy).
  • 2012 – Group exhibition “Gesto & Colore”, in the Gallery PuntoArte, Modena (Italy).
  • 2011 – Vernissage at Casa della Creatività, Florence (Italy).
  • 2011 – Group exhibition “33 giri”,  Florence (Italy).
  • 2010 – “Lesson creative teaching, in the classroom previously decorated the Market Coop at Settimo Torinese,Turin (Italy).
  • 2010 – Educational workshop on caricature “The Big Draw” to foundation Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin (Italy).
  • 2010 – Winner contest for the construction of a wall painting of used as a classroom nutrition education at the Coop in Turin (Italy).
  • 2008 – Group exhibition on the theme of “Italian constitution”, Ovada (Italy).
  • 2007 – Group exhibition “Locanda della Ferriera”, Genoa (Italy).