Natura “non” morta (Still Life Zombie)

Selected paintings on canvas and cardboard, various sizes. 2012-2020

Untitled. ©Davyhead 2020 Carrot Zombie. ©Davyhead 2019Cucumber Zombie. ©Davyhead 2019 Banana Zombie. © Davyhead 2015 Natura non morta mix. ©Davyhead 2015, Photo ©DameVerte Natura non morta - Selvaggina. ©Davyhead 2015 Skull Apple. ©Davyhead 2014  Natura non morta, Fishes. ©Davyhead 2014Apple. ©Davyhead 2014 Natura Non Morta (Still Life Zombie), Fruits. ©Davyhead 2012 Natura morta con morto (Still life with cadaver). ©Davyhead 2012