The vomiting ducks and the little masks of easter island

Various paintings and drawings on canvas and vinyl disk, various sizes. 2010-2012

Untitled Duck. ©Davyhead-DH 2012 Small Chicken Vomiting. ©Davyhead 2012 (Photo by Chiara Aloisio) Mini Mr. Easter Island Mask. ©Davyhead DH 2012 (Photo by Chiara Aloisio) Hallobrain, ©Davyhead 2011 33LapsDuck, ©Davyhead 2011 Mr. mask Easter Island, ©Davyhead 2011 Donald is bad! ©Davyhead-DH 2010 Fortesque ducks, ©Davyhead 2010 Duck n.1. ©Davyhead 2010 © Davyhead 2010-2012 (Photo by Chiara Aloisio)